Research and Creative Works

Books Authored and Edited

A Collection of poems by Writers Workshop, Kolkata, 2015

Texts, Contexts, (edited) 2015.

Essays in Literature Bodhi Tree Books and Publications, Trivandrum (2016)

 remembering our grandmothers (edited) (2019)

  ( Red River Publications, June 2019)

Bodhi Tree Books and Publications, Trivandrum (2020)

( Dhauli Publications, 2021)  Novel

Book Chapters

Arms and the Women: A Case Study of Some Women Entrepreneurs in the Garo Hills” in the  Consequences and Coping Mechanisms Edited by Sukhvinder Kaur Multani, The ICFAI University press, Hyderabad, 2009.

“Under Surveying Eyes: Ethnographical Profiling and the Construction of ‘Identities’in the Colonial Writings in the Garo Hills” in the book Theory and Practice of Ethnography: Reading from the Peripheries Edited by Eswarappa Kasi and Ramesh C. Malik . IGRMS, New Delhi, 2009.

 (ed. Jyothi KG) Thrissur: Mayflower Publishers, 2017 (pp. 121-26), Pp. 121-26. ISBN 978-93-85894-18-3

  Singing in the Dark.(Eds. K.Satchidanandan and Nishi Chawla) Penguin, 2020.

3. Content Production

Cell Phone Culture’: For 'Instructional Material for Educational Purposes. Epathsala (2014)

Documentary on Body language (2014)

Documentary: Interview Skills (2015)

Documentary “ Homing Pigeon: A Student’s Life in IIST (2015)

4. Conference Organized

  Organising Secretary of Ignite: A Comprehensive Workshop for Communication Skills for ISRO Scientists (2011)

   Organising Secretary of Humour : Texts and Contexts : A seminar organised in collaboration with LittCrit, Kerala University (2013)

5. Journal Publications

1.      Babitha Justin.”Achik as Christian: Proselytism and Violence on Travel Literature, A Case Study of William Carey’s The Garo Jungle Book”, Protocol, Spring, 2007.

2.      Babitha Justin.”Portraits Speak, The Politics of Portrait Making: Looking at Ravi Varma’s Laxmi Bai”, Protocol, Fall, 2007.

3.      Babitha Justin.”Resistance and Conformity in the Project Colonial: A Study of Shakuntala Paintings in Ravi Varma”. Dominance and Resistance in Text and Context: Probing Colonial and Post Colonial history of India, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, London, 2009

4.      Babitha Justin.‘Tourism Propagated: A Study of Travel and Tourist Texts’ has been peer reviewed and vetted for publication. Protocol: Journal of Translation, Creative and Critical Writings, Vol. V, No. I & II Spring and Winter, 2011.

5.      N S, Jayalekshmi, and Babitha Justin.  ” The Householder: A Comedy within the Times of Nehruvian Nationalism.” International Multidisciplinary e-Journal 4.11  (2015):7-16.2.

6.      N S, Jayalekshmi, and Babitha Justin. “Documenting Indian Rhythms in James Ivory’s the Sword and the Flute.” International Journal of Humanities & Social Science Studies 2.3 (2015): 241-253.

7.      Gayathri G. R and Babitha Justin. “Framing the Marginalized: A Critique on the Portrayal of Physically Challenged Female Characters in Selected Malayalam Movies.” Indian Scholar: An International Multidisciplinary e- Journal. Volume 5 Issue 1, September 2018, 21-28.

8.      Gayathri G. R and Babitha Justin. “Exploring Fat Lives: A Critical Analysis and Comparitive Reading of Two South Indian Movies; Da Thadiya (2012) and Inji Iduppazhagi (2015). Research Guru: Online Journal of Multidisciplinary Subjects, Volume 12 Issue 3, December 2018, 344-54.

9.      Gayathri G. R and Babitha Justin. “Mad Women in the Attics of Malayalam Cinema: A Study on the Representation of Feminine Psychic Space.” Littcrit, December 2018.

10.  Gayathri G. R and Babitha Justin. “The Meandering Mind: A Critical Analysis of the Malayalam Film Aham”. Journal of Literature and Aesthetics Upcoming in July 2019.

11.  Babitha Justin.“Tedious Transits to Modernity: the Story of Some women Entrepreneurs in the Garo Hills, Meghalaya”, Kerala Sociologist: Journal of the Kerala Sociological Society, June 2018.

6. Creative/Academic online Publications in International Journals and Magazines

‘Nangu’s Daughter.’Tusculum Review. 2020.
‘A Lesson in Portraiture’ Growing Ancient Together. Paper Dragon. The University of Drexel Press. 2020.

“An Evening Chill.” Cathexis North West

“The Art of Forgetting”. Silver Needle Press.

The Making Of The ‘Feminine’: Looking At Popular Magazines Inside Out

“A Yuppie Diary: One Night at Godavari Hostel”, Selected Short Stories in Contemporary Indo-Anglian Literature published by Sarup and sons, New Delhi

The Poem “Shadow Harvest” published in Taj Mahal Review: An International Journal. 2011 Devoted To Arts, Literature, Poetry And Culture

‘Childhood Photograph.’ Beyond Words Literary Journal. 2020.

Five Poems in Indian Literature 317: A Journal of Sahitya Academy, June-July, 2020.

Ä Slim Shroud Called Home“ Rise Up Review
Post-Colonial selves: My Country and Me.
“Poetry Slam: Brave New Voices of Kerala” Organised by the US Consulate General in Chennai and sponsored by Asianet and DC Books
The Poem “Shadow Harvest” published in Taj Mahal Review: An International Journal Devoted To Arts, Literature, Poetry And Culture
Ten Poems on travel in the International anthology of poems called “Journeys” edited by Graham Vivian Lancaster FPMI and Dr. Shaleen Kumar Singh published by Trayberry Press / Alexander House, Johannesburg, South Africa. 2011